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Handpresso - создатель первой ручной эспрессо кофеварки

С момента запуска в январе 2008 года первой ручной эспрессо кофеварки, в мире продано более 400,000 кофеварок.

Handpresso предлагает целый ряд ручных и автомобильных кофеварок и аксессуаров к ним.

Ручные и автомобильные кофеварки для всех форматов кофе присутствующих на рынке: эспрессо чалды E.S.E., мягкие чалды Senseo®, капсулы Nespresso®, молотый кофе. 

Для всех сегментов, представляющих интерес для портативных кофеварок: кофе на природе и дома, на отдыхе и в офисе, в машине и в грузовике, яхтинг, кемперы ...

Международная дистрибуция в более чем 50 странах.

Престижное партнерство в ведущими автомобильными компаниями: VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Nissan, Renault, Tesla ...

Инновационный путь Handpresso

Непрерывное развитие: от запуска первой ручной эспрессо-кофеварки до автомобильной капсульной кофеварки.

Апрель 2006 Основание компании Handpresso

Январь 2008Handpresso на выставке в MACEF в Милане представляет первую в мире ручную эспрессо кофеварку Handpresso Wild (с 2015 года называется Pump).

Октябрь 2012Второй громкий анонс - Handpresso на выставке Mondial de l'Auto в Париже представляет автомобильную эспрессо кофеварку Handpresso Auto формата E.S.E.

Сентябрь 2015Расширяя линейку автомобильных кофеварок, Handpresso на Франкфуртском автосалоне, представляет Handcoffee Auto, - автомобильную кофеварку формата Senseo®

Декабрь 2017запуск Handpresso Auto Capsule  - инновацион- ная капсульная автомобильная эспрессо кофеварка, формата капсул Nespresso® .

Мир Handpresso

Handpresso is the inventor of coffee on-the-go

Since the very beginning, Handpresso has continuously been thinking of new solutions to designing ingenious coffee and espresso machines.

Inventor of the portable and on-board espresso, Handpresso wants to share the pleasure of drinking an outstanding coffee where it was not previously possible.

The Handpresso team is at the service of good coffee lovers 

Enthusiastic and dynamic, the Handpresso team continues to adapt its concept to a wide range of products which can satisfy the tastes and uses of coffee lovers across the world and are also picking up the torch left behind by the great coffee lover and inventor Henrik Nielsen, Danish engineer PhD in innovation .


An espresso anywhere

Espresso in the great outdoors: an idea conceived by Handpresso

From the very outset, Handpresso has been geared towards offering the luxury of drinking the best espresso in the great outdoors, wherever you go. As a true pioneer, Handpresso developed a technology of its own and launched the first ever portable espresso machine in 2008. Based on this breakthrough innovation, Handpresso has created a wide range of dedicated machines and accessories and continues to revolutionize the coffee world. 

Mobility: Handpresso ANYWHERE 

Placing mobility at the heart of its concept, Handpresso invented the coffee machine on-the-go. With its portable and on-board machines, Handpresso allows you to drink a coffee where you had not even dreamed of doing it before! Once  adopted, Handpresso machines become more than just an attractive gadget. They travel with you everywhere at work, at sea, on land ... or on the moon -  and allow you to drink a perfect coffee with even more pleasure than had you stayed at home. 

Elegant and robust coffee makers

As a direct resulting of our advanced technological research, Handpresso coffee machines are very sturdy machines. With sustainability being one of the prevailing Handpresso values, the materials we choose are noble and robust. Committed to quality, Handpresso combines the quality of the machine with that of all kinds of coffee (short coffee, long coffee, espresso). Last but not least, watching the coffee flow into the cup is a fantastic sight! Handpresso machines create pleasure, a moment of sharing and exchange making the coffee break even more enjoyable. 

On-the-go coffee machines with endless uses

Exploring all markets, Handpresso is constantly providing ingenious solutions to meet all your needs. After the outdoors and the boat, Handpresso becomes a recognized brand in the car, truck and world of campers.

Coffee in the car with prestigious partners

Thanks to the quality of its products, Handpresso collaborates with major car manufacturers, including VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Nissan, Renault, Tesla ... And there is more to come!

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Handpresso Auto Capsule

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Handpresso e-presso

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Handpresso Auto Set capsule

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Handcoffee Auto new

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Handcoffee Truck 24V

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Handpresso Pump

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Handpresso Ground Coffee Case

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Handpresso bag

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Handpresso Pump travel case

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Handpresso Auto case

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Handpresso Pump black Thermoflask

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