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Nanopresso Barista Kit


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Комплект Barista Kit представляет собой набор аксессуаров, упакованных в небольшой контейнер. Он расширяет возможности Nanopresso, предоставляя вам возможность готовить двойной эспрессо (16 г молотого кофе) до 120 мл.

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Simple, light and compact, the Handpresso Pump enables you to drink an Italian espresso wherever you are.

     • Coffee: short and strong (50ml) espresso
     • E.S.E. * pods or ground coffee
     • Pressure: 16 bar (by pumping)

*Easy Serving Espresso, Italian pod format

Handpresso Pump requires no battery nor electricity, just perfect for those who care for the planet.

Type of coffeeEspresso 80 ml
Coffee formatмолотый кофе
Water reservoir capacity80 ml
Pressure18 bars
Размер156x71x62 мм
Вес336 г
Гарантия1 год

1. Build up the pressure to 16 bar, with the pump, as with a bicycle pump.
2. Add hot water (from a kettle or a thermos flask)
3. Add the coffee of your choice and serve a high quality espresso!

pdfBARISTA Kit - руководство пользователя (EN)
An espresso in the car

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