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With this full bag, you have everything close to hand for the most complete Handpresso Auto Capsule compatible Nespresso®* experience

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With this full bag, you have everything close to hand for your espresso break in the car.

   •   Includes: 1 bag, 1 Handpresso Auto capsule, 1 capsule case, 2 unbreakable cups and 1 napkin
   •   Coffee: short (50ml) espresso
   •   Nespresso®* compatible capsules
   •   Pressure: 19 bar
   •   Voltage : compatible 12/24v

The Handpresso Auto Capsule boasts the latest innovations from the leader of the portable espresso. Your espresso is ready in 2,30 minutes monitored by a digital screen.The machine is also equipped with an electronic delay system (5mn) and an anti-spray nozzle.

When the bag is open, it can be used as a tray and its lodgings make it easy to use the machine and drink your espresso. Capsules, sugar and spoons fit perfectly inside. Once your break is over, just close it and place it in the glove box for instance.

* Nespresso® is a registered trademark of a third party company that has no connection with Handpresso sas.

Type of coffeeEspresso 50 ml
Coffee format Nespresso®* compatible capsules
Water reservoir capacity50 ml
Pressure18 bars
Cycle2 minutes
Size26 x 22 x 12
Voltage12V / 24V
Power120 Watts
Warranty1 year
Contains1 bag, 1 Handpresso Auto capsule, 1 capsule case, 2 cups and 1 napkin

1. Plug the machine into the (12/24v) cigarette-lighter.
2. Add (cold) water and the Nespresso®* compatible capsule of your choice
3. Press the ON button
4. After the 3 bleeps, flip the machine around and press the Cup button
5. Press the stop button

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Free delivery in France, Italy, Spain and Germany